Toyota confirmed as The Logistics Awards 2018 Operations sponsor

April 24, 2018 by David Tran
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Toyota confirmed as The Logistics Awards 2018 Operations sponsor

Toyota Material Handling UK has been announced as sponsor for the fifth year running for the Operations Award for Large and SME categories at this year’s The Logistics Awards, held Thursday 20th September at London's The Swan, Shakespeare's Globe.

The fork lift truck supplier is consistently improving its strong product line that can improve logistical operations, with automation of material handling equipment a development area that many companies are currently looking towards in order to deliver greater efficiency and productivity from their supply chain.

However automation is not an entirely new solution; “many early adopters have been using automated trucks and systems within their applications for years," says Jon Buckley, Commercial Director for Toyota Material Handling UK.

This year's The Logistics Awards will be held at The Swan, Shakespeare's Globe in September

“We have been providing automation systems to our customers since the 60’s with primitive automated guided vehicles (AGV) using wire guidance. This area grew in the 80’s when we were working with customers to develop dedicated AGV trucks for specialist applications. However, it is in the last ten years there has been a tangible change and most recently that a wide range of customers have developed a thirst for information on how Toyota automated solutions can help them in their operations,” said Buckley.

“The increased interest in automation within Logistics is being fuelled by two key factors: Firstly, businesses are searching for solutions that will give them increased productivity and greater safety for their operators; this combined with a reduced labour pool has created an increased appetite for new solutions,” he continued.

“The other factor is the availability of the technology which is being driven by developments in robotics, virtual / augmented reality, wireless technology and self-driving road vehicles. We now have laser guided technology developed for more complex automation installations, but also complementary technologies such as Bluetooth and small inexpensive safety scanners which have helped to reduce the price of entry-level automation. There has been a meeting point where customers’ needs are now precisely aligned with materials handling automation technology.”

Read more about Toyota’s suite of automation solutions in our SHD May edition.

Entries are currently open for The Logistics Awards 2018 until Friday 18th May. To put your entry forward, please click here. Events manager Natalia Kay ( and Assistant Editor (David Tran will also be on hand to address any questions about your entry. Please contact our commercial team below for any querries around table sales.


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