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Tough warehouse cleaning

Tough warehouse cleaning

A busy warehouse environment presents unique challenges when it comes to cleanliness. High traffic levels, often 24/7, create large volumes of dust in addition to assorted debris and oil spillages.

Excessive dust levels can mean that a pre-sweep is vital for a good standard of clean. A combination scrubber dryer and sweeper machine is therefore ideal. One ride on machine can pre-sweep large areas immediately followed by a light to heavy duty scrubbing with or without chemicals depending on level of clean required. Productivity and optimal performance is key as large areas need to be left dry and slip free as quickly as possible.

In recent years cleaning machine manufacturers have responded to the industry’s requirement to reduce the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ effectively reducing the operating costs of critical cleaning equipment within the Warehouse and Logistics sector without compromising the cleaning result. In response to customer demands the Nilfisk Group’s R&D teams have specifically focused on this concept.

The result has led to the development of the next generation of cleaning machines which save both water and detergent, and are designed to deliver hours of superior cleaning and drying performance at a high speed. Robust and reliable Nilfisk machines are built to last with minimal need for service and maintenance maximising productivity, minimising downtime. Minimal downtime is facilitated by easy access to key service points on machines and no tool maintenance, plus embedded diagnosis system allows the quick identification of any technical problems.

The intelligent SmartFlowTM function automatically adjusts the solution flow according to the travel speed – and if reduced consumptions are required the optional EcoflexTM system can be activated.

Collectively these productivity improvements have a positive impact on an organisation’s cost base and procurement professionals are quick to recognise the benefits.

The benefits of lower operating costs for new equipment are clear plus aging equipment is unlikely to benefit from reduced operating costs or deliver the same level of clean. Therefore the Nilfisk Group is currently offering up to a £1000 trade in allowance against a new machine until the 30th September 2017. End users can trade in any floor care machine irrespective of brand or condition. Further information on this offer and Nilfisk equipment can be found here.

Nilfisk is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. No obligation site surveys and demonstrations are available on request.

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