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Timelapse: Mantsinen 120c vs MHC

Timelapse: Mantsinen 120c vs MHC

This video shows a coal vessel being unloaded by a MHC and a Mantsinen 120c simultaneously. It demonstrates that the Mantsinen is 59% more productive than the MHC.

Mantsinen is a globally recognised brand designing and manufacturing dedicated hydraulic cranes. Whilst readily available for industrial applications, it is around the idiosyncrasies of port applications that these machines excel.
The concept of hydraulic cranes is based around cycle times and productivity and offer distinct advantage over rope-based alternatives in handling either solid or bulk products. Many of the attachments are automatic or semi-automatic eliminating the need of in-hold/landside stevedoring; the machines are pinpoint accurate and are more wind resistant thus aiding port operations.

It is however around productivity and cost per unit that Mantsinen hydraulic cranes really excel. With fast and safe cycle times, it is possible for throughput to exceed 1,000 tonnes per hour and with a lower capital cost and lower of ownership by virtue fuel saving technology of up to 35% with the Mantsinen patented Hybrilift system, the cost per tonne is dramatically reduced.

The Mantsinen range is available from 70 tonnes gvw to in excess of 260 tonnes and are available on either wheels, tracks, rails undercarriages or can be fixed to a structure. Configurations s can be either portal or pylon type with slew rings height tailor-built to a specific port or need. Boom and stick configurations can extend to maximum capacities of 50 tonnes and maximum 40 metres outreach. The range is extended with a variety of differing cab positioning options and other ancillary equipment.

Mantsinen is stocked exclusively in the UK by Cooper Specialised Handling.


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