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Thorworld ramps up benefits with rent-a-ramp

Thorworld ramps up benefits with rent-a-ramp

The nature of business can be fluid, with peaks and troughs affecting most aspects of a company, from staffing levels to equipment use. This is particularly noticeable within companies that rely on loading bays for product import and despatch.

These seasonal surges, combined with the critical importance of using up-to-date, compliant and well-maintained loading equipment, means companies need to equip their loading areas with apparatus that is not only safe, but also flexible enough to cope with sporadic demand. However, many warehouse managers may consider the installation of a complete loading bay too costly when additional capacity is only required for a few months of the year.

That is why Mark James, Director of Administration, Quality and Safety at specialist loading bay manufacturer, Thorworld Industries, is suggesting firms with varied loading bay requirements should seriously consider the advantages of using a “Rent-a-Ramp” solution, a year-round answer to staying safe, relevant, compliant and adaptable.

“Now more than ever, businesses are choosing equipment that is right for their immediate need, but has the scope to adapt to changing needs as commercial operations evolve,” Mark James explains.

“We’re seeing customers increasingly opt for loading bay solutions that are capable of altering alongside their business; and for apparatus to achieve that, it needs to be flexible. Having a rented ramp that’s been correctly specified, and comes with the support of a specialist aftercare and maintenance, provides an option that really delivers.”

Rent-a-Ramp, Thorworld’s mobile ramp equipment, provides a solution that requires no installation, so can be operational immediately after delivery. It can also be replaced with brand new apparatus after just three years if a further three-year contract is signed.

“The initial outlay involved in purchasing a loading ramp or platform can be quite costly and may be an expense many firms wish to avoid,” James continues, “especially if the company itself is hiring the premises it operates from and may move at some point in the future.

“By renting safe, purpose-designed equipment from the outset, the cost of having a loading solution is distributed throughout the year and can be better managed.  Furthermore, by removing the initial expense, a rented ramp can be installed quickly and the loading facility can be ready to ‘hit the ground running’.

“Creating further flexibility, the Rent-a-Ramp system gives an option to either swap the equipment for a brand-new solution after three years; have it collected prior to that time should it no longer be required; or purchase it at a reduced rate.

“Regular services and inspections can keep standards maintained, but by replacing the equipment every three years, the very latest specifications are put in place, making compliance and regulation safe-guarding a more straight-forward process, and gives piece of mind that the equipment is operating as effectively as possible.”

James goes on to explain how Rent-a-Ramp apparatus also supports loading bay resources for companies that experience peak despatch periods at specific times of the year, and gives further reassurance of ‘back-up’ cover should a dock leveller fail for any reason.

He adds: “The fact that each ramp is always professionally and reliably specified and supplied, and that training is available to operatives on how to safely use and maintain it, means that this ‘short-term’ piece of additional kit, has the capacity to become an invaluable mainstay of any loading operation.”

Designed and built in the UK, Thorworld’s Rent-a-Ramp systems can be delivered at short notice, giving effective options, movement and scope for businesses as they continually evolve and develop.

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