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TGW builds intralogistics system for automotive spare parts specialist Fource

TGW builds intralogistics system for automotive spare parts specialist Fource

TGW is building a highly automated intralogistics system in Berkel and Rodenrijs for Fource, a Netherlands-based automotive spare parts specialist.

By carrying out this project, the customer is bundling its intralogistics at one location and taking an important step in optimizing the supply chain. Furthermore, this is the foundation for the planned growth for the next years. Construction of the building started in December 2019, with the FlashPick® solution slated to go live as planned in autumn 2021.

Fource is part of the US-based LKQ group and sells automotive spare parts, tools and components using a network of wholesalers. The core markets of the company, which has 3,000 employees, are the Netherlands and Belgium. Recently, the spare parts specialist placed an order at TGW for the erection of an intralogistics system for her Greenfield logistics hub. “This is an important order and a fantastic parts and components reference for TGW,” underscores David Hibbett, CSO at TGW Northern Europe.

Optimised supply chain

The new building, with 50,000 m² of floor space, bundles Fource's logistics operation for the Netherlands at a single location. Due to its spectacular architecture, the fulfilment center is called “The Bridge”, and is a symbol of the combination of people and technology.

Powerful and flexible

FlashPick is the core of the highly automated solution – with ten aisles and more than 180,000 tote storage locations. Some 200 energy-efficient Stingray shuttles ensure storage and retrieval. In combination with twelve goods receiving workstations and 16 high-performance picking workstations PickCenter One, the shuttle system is the centrepiece of the system.

The TGW Software Suite is responsible for Warehouse Management including Warehouse Control System (WCS) and Material Flow Controller (MFC). TGW Commander is responsible for the control system. Special machines for automatically putting cartons upright and closing them, tote stackers and lifts are also part of the scope of supply.

Lifetime Services

During live operation, Fource will be able to rely on TGW's expertise. A team of Lifetime Services specialists works together with the customer's technicians to ensure maximum availability.

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