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Temperature monitoring made easy with Tinytag Data Loggers

Temperature monitoring made easy with Tinytag Data Loggers

Tinytag data loggers enable conditions to be accurately measured, documented, analysed and validated throughout the cold chain. They are used in fridges, freezers, cold stores and warehouses and in temperature controlled vehicles.

They are easy to set up, recording the temperature at user-specified intervals. They are positioned as required and have an alarm which activates if conditions fall outside a user-defined range. Data from standalone units is downloaded via a USB cable to a PC: for sites requiring remote data access or with multiple monitoring points (e.g. warehouses and walk-in cold stores), radio and network enabled devices are the ideal solution. Data is collected automatically for immediate viewing on a PC, on a LAN, or remotely over the internet.

A wide choice of Tinytags is available:

  • Standalone, network enabled or wireless devices
  • Multi-channel loggers to simultaneously monitor two parameters (e.g. temperature and RH) or multiple monitoring points
  • Rugged, waterproof and dustproof units
  • BS EN 12830 compliant units

Case Study: STD Pharmaceutical Products Ltd

Leading medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturer STD Pharmaceutical Products uses Tinytag Radio data loggers to ensure that its sensitive products are stored in the correct conditions.

Some of the company’s products require storage conditions below 25°C, and the temperature has to be constantly monitored to ensure the product remains compliant. Radio data loggers are located in the main warehouse and cold store, with data available for immediate viewing on a PC. The flexibility of the system allows loggers to be moved or added if required as requirements change.

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