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TCM promises greater capacity with double-stacker forklift

TCM promises greater capacity with double-stacker forklift

TCM has now launched to the UK market its new SRD 200 double-stacker forklift which, it says, focuses on the important operational benefits of greater efficiency with long-distance capacity.

Built in Sweden, the European designed and manufactured truck has the ability to transport two pallets in every cycle, improving the turnover rate for cross-docking or load/unloading.

With a driving speed of up to 10km/h loaded, the SRD 200 packs a high pallet throughput in cross-docking and rapid lorry loading/unloading operations. TCM claims it offers the best of two features in a single truck.

Powered by an AC motor with an integrated anti-rollback feature, the user can conveniently ride on the fold-up operator platform or operate it on foot as a pedestrian stacker

Depending on the mast, the new SRD 200 has a maximum lifting height of 1,675mm or 2,090mm plus initial lift, and can transport loads with a total weight of 1,000kg + 1,000kg on forks and straddle lift.

With safety a top priority, the new double-stacker platform has a cleverly designed travel position with built-in cushioning that reduces vibrations during travel. The forklift therefore offers maximum user comfort even for longer transport cycles. It also comes with folding operator platform and foldable side protection bars or a driver protected platform option to ensure safe working even over longer distances.

The stability support system ensures maximum safety in the warehouse environments as it automatically reduces the speed of the forklift when travelling through corners, minimising the risk of accidents or load slips.

Folding side protection bars provide reliable support for the operator even at the top speed. There is also an ISO-certified overhead guard. Electronic access control requires all drivers to identify themselves with an access code or personal RFID card to the on-board computer. The truck can then be set with full or reduced power, depending on the user profile.

For high uptime and increasing service intervals, key components on the SRD 200 are protected from the ingress of dust and moisture in accordance with protection classes IP 65 and IP 67.

In line with all products in the range and its associated brands, TCM forklifts are built on a common component platform which maximises both parts stocking and availability and ensures that 90% of any breakdowns can be completed at the first call-out.

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