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TCM introduces new-generation low-lifter

TCM introduces new-generation low-lifter

Responding to the increasing demands on forklifts in warehouse and distribution operations for greater productivity combined with safety and economy, TCM has introduced a new compact low-lifter with a load capacity of up to two tonnes.

TCM’s PTM 200 pedestrian-controlled truck can be operated on foot or on a foldable operator platform and with a narrow width of only 770mm is extremely manoeuvrable in restricted distribution areas. It is designed for use in three-shift operations with high performance capacity and increased economy in operation together with low maintenance costs.

Its driver platform with outstanding damping means that the operator can work comfortably for longer periods. At the same time the foldable side protection bars ensure maximum safety. The five-point chassis with an improved Friction Force system ensures stability and safety during travel. The load weight pressure is transferred to the drive unit which ensures permanent ground contact of all wheels and high traction in operation.

This ensures safe goods transport on uneven ground and ramps. Excellent braking performance as well as high travelling speeds are essential aspects of the low-loader’s improved operating and safety performance. Its intelligent design and extensive range of equipment make the TCM PTM 200 an especially comfortable work partner choice.

The low lifter travels a maximum of 10km/h under load and up to 12.5km/h in unloaded condition Its battery is stored on steel rollers as standard so it can be changed quickly – maximising up-time in 24/7 operations.

The standard ATC T4 on-board computer stores the individual operating profiles of all drivers. It is activated by a PIN code so that the forklift can only be operated by authorised drivers.

Optional extra features include electronic power steering, protective platforms with rear or side entry and an equipment bar with writing desk as well as holders for mounting computers, scanners, etc. The PTM 200 is manufactured in Sweden to a European standard and to a proven modular design.

In line with all products in the range and its associated brands, TCM forklifts are built on a common component platform which maximises both parts stocking and availability and ensures that 90% of any breakdowns can be completed at the first call-out.

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