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TCM expands order picker range

TCM expands order picker range

TCM is expanding its range of order pickers and now offers an improved solution to complete order picking activities faster and more efficiently.

The new TCM EOM 100 for picking heights up to 3.4m has just been launched and is now available through the TCM dealer network.

The truck is shorter, narrower and faster than previous models and is therefore more agile, manoeuvrable and quicker in warehouse operations. It has been upgraded to travel 33% faster with a normal speed of 9km/h and a higher mode of 12km/h.

In addition to improved speed, TCM designers have also shaved 140mm off its width and made it 400mm shorter, without, it says, compromising driver comfort or safety.

These new features combine to give the truck greater access and versatility in confined or busy work spaces. It speeds up the order picking process to improve warehouse efficiency and contribute the overall cost reduction for materials handling.

The medium-level order picker has a load capacity of 1000kg. It’s available in two versions to offer picking heights of 2800mm or 3400mm and allows convenient order picking from racks or pallets.

Comfort and safety features help to improved work performance and reduced levels of driver fatigue. Controls can be adjusted individually for each driver to ensure they are positioned to give easy and comfortable operation of the truck. Its low step-in height of 160mm also means easy and comfortable access, whilst the cushioned floor significantly reduces levels of fatigue.

Safety at any picking height

As well as speeding up the order picking processes, TCM’s  EOM 100 also maximises operating safety. Before the start of the journey, the operator logs in to the on-board computer with an individual PIN code. A sensor in the floor registers whether the driver is on board. Only then can the truck be started. In addition, the EOM is equipped as a ‘walk beside’ option, in which the operator can operate the truck on foot. Other optional safety features are an overhead guard as well as side gates on the driver’s platform, which are also fitted with automatic sensors.

For trucks operating above the height of 1200mm safety gates are a legal requirement, so if they are not closed at this height, the truck automatically prevents further lifting of the platform. For use in line with the requirements of different sectors and working areas, the EOM can be extended with numerous options such as a fleet management system or connections for mobile terminals.

Both model versions are available through TCM dealers throughout the UK and Ireland.

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