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Supply chain software vendor FuturMaster announces H1 2018 record

Supply chain software vendor FuturMaster announces H1 2018 record

FuturMaster (FM), one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end supply chain planning solutions, has continued to grow significantly since the beginning of the year thanks to new customers around the world.

french based Cromology, pet health nutrition specialists Royal Canin, and Menarini Asia-Pacific, subsidiary of the Italian pharmaceutical company operating in more than 100 countries, have partnered with FM during the period.

One of the most significant new customers is SnowBeer, China's leading brewer and 4th largest brewer in the world. It’s also the best-selling beer worldwide, with more than 90 breweries and 35,000 distributors. The S&OP One project with FuturMaster is a strategic end-to-end supply chain planning solution with more than 1,500 users. It covers end-to-end planning from distributors demand planning and its daily truck replenishment to distribution and production planning, taking into account logistics and production constraints as well as distribution (transportation and warehousing) and production costs. From a longer term perspective, it also covers supply network optimisation, the opening and closing of factories and DCs. The purpose is to maximise service level while reducing total operating costs.

In addition, FuturMaster confirms its penetration in the electronics and retail sectors.

FuturMaster will be managing the production plans of a major player in the electronics industry, as well as the open-to-buy and dynamic store replenishment of a fashion retailer that operates 450 stores.

"FuturMaster is showing unprecedented dynamism in the first half of 2018 with a two-digit international growth driven by the success of FM Cloud Services 8.0 solution. We are now a key partner of the global industry leaders, supporting them in their growth strategy and operational and financial performance," says Michel Ramis, EVP Sales & Marketing at FuturMaster.

Cloud transformation

This first semester is a turning point in FuturMaster's cloud transformation. Most client projects are now in the cloud. On-premise customers have also decided to migrate to FM Cloud Services solutions such as DS Smith Packaging in the UK, a leading international packaging company, and Shiseido Travel Retail in Singapore, the division of the Japanese cosmetics giant.

The pursuit of innovation

The new 8.0 version of FuturMaster launched at the beginning of the year is a real success. Taking advantage of a new user interface for more ergonomics, the 8.0 also sees significant gains in performance and scalability to handle large volumes of data.

The integration of machine learning technology in order to calculate promotion volumes is one of the key enhancements of version 8.0. FuturMaster and its British client Winterbotham Darby, a fast-growing food company supplying mostly fresh produce to major supermarket chains in the UK, have launched a project integrating FuturMaster's artificial intelligence for promotion optimisation, and is a finalist at this year's The Logistics Awards.

In 2018, FuturMaster will continue to innovate in the area of ​​promotion optimisation thanks to the launch of a new end-to-end TPx solution (trade promotion management / optimisation) at the end of the year, which will make it possible to define the revenue uplift, the right mechanism at the right time and the promotions’ return on investment.

"The value creation for our customers is considerable thanks to the end-to-end planning of their supply chain, and soon thanks to the significant optimisation of their promotions. The benefits are maximised with the integration of artificial intelligence into our solutions, this is a major focus in our development and innovation strategy", said Bo Zhou, CEO of FuturMaster.

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