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Supply chain salaries to rise 5% in 2016

Supply chain salaries to rise 5% in 2016

The results of the Robert Walters Salary Survey have shown that salaries for supply chain and procurement roles in the UK will rise by 5% in 2016.

High demand for junior and mid level procurement professionals, spurred by supply chain strategy reviews by a number of large corporations, particularly those in the aerospace, technology and FMCG industries, are playing a pivotal role in driving salary growth.

Contracts and vendor management positions are expected to see salaries rise by 6% while Procurement Analyst positions are expected to see salaries increase by 7%.

James Franklin, Manager for Supply Chain and Procurement Recruitment, Robert Walters London, commented: “In 2016 we anticipate the demand for specialist procurement professionals to grow as employers continue the shift away from generalists.

"With major employers reviewing their supply chain and procurement strategies a raft of new procurement roles have been created, along with existing roles being redefined, creating new opportunities for professionals with specific skill sets in fields such as vendor management.”

There is also an emerging trend towards the growth of boutique procurement consultancies with a particular emphasis on ethical procurement among employers.”

Employers in both commerce and industry and financial services were integral in driving growth of salaries for interim roles, with many businesses undertaking large scale change and IT projects. Salaries for interim roles are set to grow by 6% on average, with London and the Midlands expecting the highest salary growth at 9%, and 8% respectively.

Neil Morgan, Manager for Supply Chain and Procurement recruitment, Robert Walters Manchester, commented: “The conditions that generated demand for interim procurement professionals in 2015 are likely to continue this year, with large scale IT & change projects planned among major employers.

“With demand for these professionals outstripping supply, along with the increasingly high value employers place on top supply chain and procurement staff, salaries are expected to show healthy and sustainable growth.”

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