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Stocksafe solution launched

Stocksafe solution launched

Practical Warehouse Solutions launches StockSafe.

In the post recession logistics and distribution industry we are all under pressure to increase profitability. One could argue that this is particularly true of companies that provide services to those who are threatened by the rise of low cost retailers.

One solution is StockSafe. Our product is ideal for any organisation that distributes delicate and/or breakable products. It will save money on stock damaged in the warehouse and it helps prevent the number of slip and trip accidents by reducing spillage.

The company know of one top five supermarket that suffers £116 million a year in damaged stock. There are also benefits in reduced cleaning and recoup costs. So, if there is a way to reduce this damage whilst fulfilling your duty of care to staff, it is a productive investment.

Add to this the fact that the average timeoff taken by an employee follwing a slip or trip accident is seven days. Currently this costs £500 million a year in the UK. According to the Health and Safety Executive slip and trip accidents are the most frequently reported incidents in the logistics and distribution industry.

StockSafe appears deceptively simple. However, according to the company, it is the result of years of design, prototype, improvement and patenting. It sits within the select ready to receive the pallet. Stock is protected on three sides. The side panels adjust to the angle at which the pallet is delivered so it is ideal for today’s fast paced operations.
Gunnar Svahn, the company's Swedish designer, has in depth experience of logistics and also a background in engineering. He is a natural problem solver. He observed how stock was damaged during the picking process and set about designing a solution that works. He continues to design to meet the challenges of the industry. He is currently working on a method of creating up to 30% more selects in the warehouse without increasing the square footage.

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