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Steel producer specifies Bradshaw tow tractor

Steel producer specifies Bradshaw tow tractor

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles has recently supplied Bright Steels with an electric tow tractor and industrial platform trailer to assist in the movement of products at its plant in North Yorkshire.

Bright Steels specialises in the production and stockholding of bright cold drawn flat bars, squares, hexagons and alloy rounds in addition to the manufacture of special shapes produced according to customers’ drawings.

The T1200 tow tractor from Bradshaw is capable of towing 12,000kg and will be used in conjunction with the industrial tri-axle platform trailer supplied in order to transport steel products from production through to storage. The T1200 is a four-wheel vehicle, with powered hydraulic steering and 48V AC controller.  The trailer has a total payload of 8,000kg and is 7,000mm long x 1,200mm wide.       

Prior to investing in the new tow tractor from Bradshaw, Bright Steels used a diesel tractor to transport products.  Although capable of moving heavy loads, by using an electric tow tractor instead of diesel, Bright Steels will benefit from greatly reduced running and servicing costs, accessibility around the site ensuring maximum production time, increased safety for the operator and employees, as well as environmental benefits.

The steel that Bright Steels produces is used in every facet of manufacturing, including commercial vehicles, motor cars, industrial motors, joiners tools, hydraulic applications, shop fittings, machine racks and power generation equipment, indeed a multitude of uses from heavy to light engineering applications.

Bright Steels share many of the same values as Bradshaw, both family-run businesses completely committed to providing a high quality product and service to all customers. 

Bradshaw has a range of electric vehicles designed for supporting manufacturing processes and production lines, many of which can be supplied with trailers as single tow or as a train.

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