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SSI Schaefer expands its Midlands base

SSI Schaefer expands its Midlands base

Following a significant period of sustained organic growth, SSI Schaefer has expanded its Midlands-based facility at Pury Hill, near Towcester in Northamptonshire.

Prior to April the Towcester operation, which had already effectively doubled in size only two years ago, was housed in one building accommodating the key business elements of Solution Design, Project Management, Customer Services & Support and IT.

The newly expanded operation involves the acquisition of an additional building to accommodate the company’s IT Department, which had previously shared offices with Customer Services & Support (CSS). This CSS division has also recently undergone considerable growth to complement and underpin the resident maintenance and field service areas which have been growing with an increasing number of customers.

SSI Schaefer has been steadily developing its local IT capability to cover the UK.  It offers customised logistics software for every requirement, based on its own warehouse management system, WAMAS, as well as SAP EWM – for which it also has dedicated specialists. Employing some seven hundred software specialists across the globe, SSI Schaefer remains at the forefront of automation IT provision, continually developing and refining its logistics control systems.

Jaap Vos, SSI Schaefer’s UK Managing Director said:
“Our continued success in expanding our customer base has resulted in considerable growth across all business platforms and this is clearly reflected in our necessity to move into an additional building. We are still pleased to be able to combine our solutions design team, project management, IT and support in the same location, giving us a high level of synergy, serving to increase speed and efficiency in communication, both internally and between ourselves and our customers.”  

SSI Schaefer provides a full range of materials handling and storage solutions, which include plastic containers, shelving, pallet racking and fully automated picking, storage and retrieval systems.

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