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Soreen Bakery chooses new partner

Soreen Bakery chooses new partner

The malt loaf has been a family favourite for decades and is becoming ever more popular as people look to enjoy healthier lifestyles. With such an increase in demand, Soreen Bakery turned to Briggs Equipment, for a new fleet of forklifts to help meet demand from national supermarkets.

Soreen Bakery distributes around one million of its malt loaves to supermarkets per week from its dedicated Manchester warehouse facility and needed a materials handling partner with the flexibility and reliability to help maintain efficiency levels.

John Lamb, supply chain manager at Soreen Bakery, commented: "Supermarkets have a very strong demand for reliability and we can incur heavy penalties if orders are not met.

"We wanted to increase the efficiency of our materials handling fleet and also put in safeguarding measures to prevent any disruption should there be any problems. Briggs Equipment offered a strong proposal which is why we chose them as our new materials handling partner."

Briggs Equipment carried out a thorough survey of the warehouse to understand Soreen's operation and developed a bespoke forklift fleet. In doing so, Briggs Equipment reduced the previous fleet size from six to five trucks, saving the bakery money through the more efficient use of its materials handling equipment.

David Hastie, senior sales executive at Briggs Equipment, explained: "Soreen Bakery conducts all of its manufacturing and distribution operations from its warehouse factory. There are many different handling stages from the raw material and storage departments through to racking and loading areas. We therefore specified a fleet that was flexible enough for the machines to perform multiple tasks."

Briggs Equipment supplied three Yale pedestrian power pallet trucks and two 2.5 tonne LPG counterbalance forklift trucks with their overhead guards lowered to be able to operate both in and outside the racking area.

"Previously we had one reach truck dedicated to operating within the racking and forklifts operating in and around the warehouse," John continued. "However, the new fleet has saved us time and money as we only had to train our operators to use one type of machine."

With the second counterbalance machine as a backup, Soreen is also able to maintain high efficiency levels and continue to fulfil its commitments to customers even if the first truck becomes unavailable.

The five year contract also includes full service and maintenance with local engineers nearby to keep the fleet running smoothly.

"Briggs Equipment is a reliable supplier with a good track record and is financially stable. They have helped us to increase our confidence, knowing we're in safe hands, and we look forward to developing our relationship with them in the future," John added.

"We're delighted to have developed such a strong relationship with Soreen at such an early stage," David added. "It's great to see what an impact Briggs Equipment is having on the retail supply chain and helping Soreen meet the demand from all the leading supermarkets."


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