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Sony warehouse destroyed - arson suspected

Sony warehouse destroyed - arson suspected

sonyblaze_thumb.jpgAn enormous blaze has engulfed Sony's national distribution centre at Enfield, north London, after locals reported rioting thugs looting the building. 

The fire has caused much of the warehouse, which stores a large proportion of England's digital media, to collapse inwards.

Eyewitness Tommy Thomson said he saw 20 young people leaving the warehouse with goods in their arms shortly before the fire began. One man punched him before they drove away, Mr Thomson added.

Firefighters told the BBC early on Tuesday morning that they had the worst of the Sony warehouse fire under control. The London Fire Brigade reportedly ran low on available fire engines because of the number of fires raging elsewhere in the city.

The warehouse is located in Solar Way, off Mollison Avenue, in Enfield.

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9.07 Tuesday: Sony has warned deliveries of CDs and DVDs will be affected. The three-storey, 20,000 square metre site is Sony's only depot for CDs and DVDs in Britain. "There will likely be some impact on deliveries," said Yoko Yasukochi, a spokeswoman at Sony in Tokyo.

She added that the extent of the fire could not be assessed because it was still burning and it was not possible to enter the building.

09.13 Tuesday: Sony has reported "no injuries" at the site.

09.22 Tuesday: Conflicting reports from Enfield. Some say rioters torched the facility after looting it, others that the blaze was unconnected to the civil unrest elsewhere in London.

09.36 Tuesday: See a video of the blaze here: 

09.41 Tuesday: Sony now reports that the blaze appears to be extinguished.

10.07 Tuesday: Music websites report on the implications of the loss of stock in the blaze.

11.28 Tuesday: Local news sources say youths were seen running from the building after dousing it with petrol from cans.

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