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Silver style and ISO 9001 renewal for Flexi

Silver style and ISO 9001 renewal for Flexi

Flexi Narrow Aisle – the UK-based manufacturer of articulated fork lift truck technology – has announced a major quality and branding upgrade across its extensive range of Flexi articulated fork lift trucks.

While the trucks will remain the familiar Signal Red, which is a recognised safety colour, the well-known Flexi brand, which appears on various places on the truck chassis, will now be silver and reduced in size to give a modern and stylish affect.

The four wheel hubs – both front and rear – will also be changed to an automotive-style metallic silver to tie-in with the new decals.

Meanwhile, a new ‘roundel’ has been created retaining the original Flexi logo that has become so familiar since its introduction in 1991 and will feature on either side of the mast support. The new look has been brought in following the successful launch of the FlexiPICK truck at CEMAT 2014. The FlexiPICK was the first model in the Flexi range to feature the red and silver design.

John Maguire, sales director of Flexi Narrow Aisle, comments: “The identical branding of all Flexi products in the range is crucial to the ongoing success of our marketing campaign to promote awareness of the product in all territories across the globe. Our adoption of automotive-style product branding has provided us with an opportunity to retain our original ‘true radius’ design concept and still present our Flexi product range in a modern and professional way.

“We are sure that our customers across the world will appreciate and approve of the subtle but significant changes we have made.”

Added to the new branding upgrade, Flexi Narrow Aisle  has also recently had its ISO 9001 Accreditation renewed.

John Maguire, Flexi Narrow Aisle’s sales and marketing director, commented: “ISO 9001 Accreditation demonstrates our compliance with proven international business practices and appropriate standards and is invaluable to our operation – particularly when it comes to tendering for contracts with larger companies.”

He added: “ISO 9001 recognition shows that all aspects of our business comply with best practice standards that are acknowledged the world over.

“Flexi Narrow Aisle has been ISO 9001 compliant for many years, but our recent audit was particularly pleasing because our quality control systems and procedures were shown to exceed the requirements laid down within ISO 9001.

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