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Shurgard makes statement following Croyden fire

Shurgard makes statement following Croyden fire

"A fire at Shurgard’s Croydon Purley Way property took place on the night of 31st December 2018. Given the catastrophic nature of the fire, which has completely destroyed the building, we are very thankful that no one was injured."

" Due to the devastation caused by the fire, following meetings at the scene, contents of all storage units should sadly be considered as fully destroyed and it has been decided that the building needs to be demolished for safety reasons. Shurgard would like to place on record its sincere thanks to the London Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police Service for their tireless efforts over the last few days.

" In common with all Shurgard properties in the UK, the Purley Way store was fully compliant with all national building regulations. We continue to collaborate closely with the LFB, the local police department, and our insurance company, in order to identify the source and cause of the fire.

" Over the last two days (2nd and 3rd of January), our team has managed to reach the majority of the 1,198 customers personally by phone or face-to-face, to explain the situation and answer any questions they may have – including any insurance-related questions. We would like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding over the last few days. We expect to have reached everyone before the end of 4th January.

" At Shurgard, we require all our customers to have insurance cover for their belongings. Customers have the option of purchasing insurance cover offered at Shurgard, or through their own broker. The value of insurance cover is based on each customer’s declared value. Policies offered through Shurgard are fully flexible – this means that customers can choose to adjust their insurance cover at any time as they add/remove any of their belongings in storage.
We know that this is a devastating event for all our customers. We remain committed to updating them, and providing support, for as long as necessary."

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