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Should we stay or should we go?

Should we stay or should we go?

Electio delivers decision guide to ecommerce industry ahead of EU referendum.

With just under a week to go until the nation casts its vote over the proposal to leave the European Union, Electio is urging the ecommerce industry to make sure they are clear on the arguments on both sides.

Highlighting the main issues surrounding the referendum for those in the ecommerce industry, Electio has produced an unbiased eBook guide which wades through the hype and gets to the facts that ecommerce leaders need to know – as well as advising on how to prepare for either outcome.

The eBook outlines the pros and cons, who’s saying what in the business community, as well as looking at everything from the pound, employee rights, security, migration and trade agreements.

Former Economics Professor, Michael Wood, shares his thoughts on whether or not the vote will bring significant changes, as does commercial director of Electio, Andrew Hill:
“The EU referendum has dominated headlines and conversations in boardrooms across the country for months. But we felt that many in the industry were still struggling to navigate through the barrage of political point scoring, contradictory figures and future gazing from both sides of the fence. We wanted to get to the heart of issues that will impact the ecommerce industry, and that’s what this eBook sets out to achieve.”

Electio, part of MPD Group, is a delivery management platform that enables retailers to rapidly increase the delivery options they offer to their customers. As a high quality SaaS platform, the technology gives retailers quick and simple access to multiple carrier services and, compared to previous alternatives available, offers a faster speed of integration.

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