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SHD Logistics Awards FAQs

SHD Logistics Awards FAQs

Still not sure whether you can/should/want to enter this year’s SHD Logistics Awards? Here are some FAQs to help you decide. Deadline for entries: 13 May 2016.

1) Do we have to pay to enter?

Not a penny.

2) I understand that this year, only logistics operations (or companies which has logistics as part of its operation) will be announced/published as finalists/winners even if they enter in conjunction with – for example – an IT company (their supplier). Is that right?

Yes. The focus will be on the operation. However, the partner company which has supplied the product and improved warehouse efficiency, for example, will be recognised in the winners’ profile published in SHD Logistics and also when the winners approach the stage on the night. The feedback we’ve had from some product suppliers is that they are happy for their customers (the operation) to be recognised in this way even if it's a joint entry.

3)  We’re a logistics operation but we provide logistics services to retailers. Does that mean we won’t be mentioned? Only our customer will?

No. All logistics operations will be announced as finalists/winners because this is an Awards for logistics operators. If you put forward an entry in conjunction with two other logistics operators, for example, all three of you will be announced as finalist/winners. We’re just trying to keep the focus on operations as opposed to product/consultancy.

4) I want to edit my entry, how do I do it?

If you want to edit the entry you have submitted, you can't. You simply need to enter it again. We will delete the original entry. Please notify us that you have re-submitted the entry by emailing [email protected]

5) There are certain extracts from our entry which we don't want published. Do we have any control over this?

Good question. We reserve the right to publish extracts from your entry for publishing purposes, however, once finalists are announced, we will contact them to confirm they are happy for us to do so. We're nice like that.

6) Can you take a look at our entry before the 13th of May?

Absolutely. Please send them to [email protected]

7) What are the judges looking for?

One of my favourite judges’ comments has been: " Isn't that just their job?". Your entry needs to show outstanding achievements - not just day-to-day operations.

8) Why should I enter?

Be recognised in front of hundreds of your peers at the SHD Logistics Awards - during IMHX week - at the industry night of the year.

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