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'Share key objectives' says Awards sponsor Toyota

'Share key objectives' says Awards sponsor Toyota

Toyota Material Handling UK is the official sponsor of SHD Logistics Award categories 'Operations Large' and 'Operations SME' for the third year running. We ask Tony Wallis, sales and marketing director at the company, how can businesses ensure flexibility within their logistics operation in 2016?

"Businesses can ensure flexibility by working closely with their materials handling supplier. By sharing not only their current operation, but also their key objectives and plans for the future, they can work with their supplier to find the right solution for their business, both now and in the future. This may include looking at different purchase options like contract rental or short-term hire, implementing a truck management system or discussing new product innovations in terms of energy or battery management systems.  If you have a flexible materials handling partner they can support changes in your business." Tony Wallis, sales and marketing director, Toyota Material Handling.

Companies who enter the aforementioned categories must consider the following criteria.

Operations Large  (500+ Employees)

   ► Clear evidence of improvement initiative/ change that has either been implemented or delivered benefi ts within 2015

   ► Evidence of how Supply Chain is enabling delivery of overall business strategy

   ► Evidence of cross functional and cross business working

   ► What has been done to ensure the change/results are sustainable

   ► How has the change made the business more fl exible, future-proof, clean/effi cient, responsive - the ‘best in class’

   ► How has the profi le of supply chain and logistics in the business changed through the period?

(Operations SME is the same as above for 500- employees)


Entry officially opens the 2nd of March.

Register your interest here to receive the official Entry Guide now - ahead of your competitors.


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