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Self-storage units support Birmingham SME’s community thrive

Self-storage units support Birmingham SME’s community thrive

Centrally located in the UK, and with a highly skilled talent pool and home to world-class company headquarters, innovative centres of excellence and one of the youngest populations in Europe, Greater Birmingham is a thriving, business-focused region placing a heavy emphasis on supporting up and coming entrepreneurs of the future.

With the escalating rise of SMEs reaching record levels in recent years, self storage units are increasingly playing a pivotal supporting role for the thriving small and medium business community of Birmingham due to their unrivalled levels of flexibilty, affordability and their ability to save local budding entrepreneurs from paying hefty rising business rates as this burden falls on the self-storage company itself according to the Valuation Office Agency.

According to recent qualitative business research conducted by a Birmingham based storage provider, self storage units are in fact fast becoming a key business growth driver for start ups and small businesses whether that be E-commerce stores, sellers on eBay, Etsy or wholesalers.

Rennie Schafer, chief executive of Self Storage Association UK, says: "For businesses it's a flexible way they can store their goods and their materials. And they only pay for the storage they need rather than a warehouse which could be half full one day and overflowing the next."

Sam Maynard, Store Manager for Safestore Birmingham Central, concludes: “The flexibility storage units provides businesses with can support a great deal of peace of mind, because if there is a sudden influx of requests its very easy for customers to seamlessly move to a larger unit and on the flip side, there is also always the opportunity for businesses to scale back if required.

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