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See how battery management saves money at IMHX

See how battery management saves money at IMHX

TruckLOG TK5 is one of the most advanced driver access control and fleet management systems available and gives a new perspective on battery monitoring.

Misuse of batteries in fork lift trucks is a very common occurrence within both small and large operating areas and can cost thousands in replacement batteries. Batteries are consumable items, and often costs are hidden, but they are also one of the most crucial components of a fork lift truck. Ensuring batteries are used correctly – such as charging at the right time and not running them too low – can instantly increase the lifespan of batteries and ultimately saving costs.
The main contributors to why battery life is often shortened within the fork lift truck operation are:

  • Early Charging – if a battery is put on charge too soon and before the manufacturers recommended charge level – usually above 25%
  • Late Charging – when a battery has run below the manufacturers recommended charge level
  • Early Picks – when a battery is taken off charge before battery has reached 100%
  • Drivers – one of the main reasons batteries are not used effectively is that drivers are not aware or trained to maximise the efficiency of batteries in their forklifts

TruckLOG TK5 has developed a battery monitoring system that allows managers to see how effectively batteries are being used. The data provided can follow the full history of a battery and also identify which drivers may be causing a problem. Once a driver has been identified then it is possible to offer further training in battery management before they are authorised to operate a forklift again.

The monitoring of each battery’s detail can help to control both costs and driver efficiency straight away before any long-term damage has been done.

TruckLOG specialists have developed software that is easy to operate as part of the TK5 system. The technicians attach an acid-proof data logger onto each battery so that its state-of-charge (SoC) can be constantly monitored.

The battery monitor communicates through CANBUS and the TK5’s wireless connection back to the EVO web portal enabling it to be in constant contact the whole time the battery is connected to a truck. This data logs when a battery is first connected to a truck, which driver is operating the truck and the state of charge when first operated.

This constant communication and accurate data collection enables TK5 to spot errors such as if a battery was not 100% charged before operation, and who picked that truck.

Therefore the full history of each individual battery is monitored, recorded and fed back to the manager through the EVO web portal, the simple charts clearly identify repeat offenders.

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