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Seasonal peaks "don't mean extra costs" says Lobster

Seasonal peaks "don't mean extra costs" says Lobster

Seasonal peaks in business do not have to increase costs for online retailers and the logistics industry, claims Chesterfield-based software specialist, Lobster.

The firm’s electronic data integration (EDI) software carries no transaction fees and has the capacity to cope with busy periods without interruptions to service.

Jeni Steele (pictured), Lobster’s head of UK, said: “Companies using value added networks to administer orders pay per transaction. This means the growing popularity of online shopping is pushing up processing costs for retailers and delivery firms, particularly in the run up to Christmas.”

Lobster_data enables users to share thousands of files in any format with clients and suppliers and add new customers internally, improving the speed and efficiency of order processing. It is benchmark tested to 16 million transactions and a stress test conducted with client, Konica Minolta, demonstrated it can convert 10,000 EDIFACT documents in just five minutes.

Steele added: “A recent survey carried out by one of our logistics clients found that inexpensive and efficient delivery is at the heart of good online shopping. Although 72% of respondents thought services were improving, a third had encountered technical problems preventing orders from being processed.

“Seasonal spikes in business are welcomed by retailers, but they undoubtedly place additional stress on people and back office systems. We are constantly refining and testing our software to ensure it responds flexibly to demand and enables users to keep costs down, whilst improving the customer experience.”

Lobster’s suite of software facilitates in house integration of electronic data, supply chain management, product information and e-commerce.

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