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Sealed Air debuts solutions for new era of e-commerce

Sealed Air debuts solutions for new era of e-commerce

Global packaging giant Sealed Air has unveiled a comprehensive platform for addressing the booming growth of the e-commerce market – including three 'ground-breaking' new automated systems.

As well as international media, its Packforum showcase event brought together customers and partners of Sealed Air to present the company’s plans and ambitions for the next year, with a particular focus on how it will seek to revolutionise e-commerce packaging.

CEO Jerome Peribere said: “Most of the time, what we are invoicing is products. Systems and supplies with names and logos. But what we truly SELL is food waste reduction, hygiene enhancement, manpower productivity, damage elimination, and cube optimisation.

"These are game-changing, world-changing results and they create disproportional value compared to what they cost. That is true for all the industries we serve, but it is certainly true for e-commerce.”

Sealed Air is positioning itself to capitalise on what it views as ‘the next chapter’ of e-commerce – an age where every second counts for consumers and e-commerce businesses alike, and where the e-commerce customer experience seeks to mirror a traditional in-store experience as closely as possible.

Following the acquisition of France-based packaging equipment specialist B+, Sealed Air presented B+’s proprietary 100% corrugated automated solution I-Pack, along with the newly introduced e-Cube system, a void reduction solution.

FloWrap Automailer, a high-speed, in-line horizontal bagging system was also revealed. This along with Sealed Air’s other powerful automated system offerings can increase fulfilment speed by up to 15% without additional labour cost - and they do it while reducing unused void space in the box (by up to 60%), reducing material waste, and minimising freight cost (by another 15%).

The recently launched Korrvu Lok was also showcased. It’s a 100% recyclable package that showcases the item you have purchased while providing superior protection against damage and theft.

Sealed Air’s Product Care President Ken Chrisman said: “Now more than ever e-commerce customers are challenged by the need to get their products out the door faster, and the need to fulfil that kind of instantaneous demand  can be very intense. In fact, up to 50% of annual e-commerce shipments take place during the six weeks prior to Christmas.

"To surmount that need, e-retailers often incur immense increases in labour costs to achieve the fulfilment velocity required to get them through those six weeks.

"This is a problem we can solve. We can do it by providing optimized, customized packaging solutions and smart, integrated systems that can be deployed without the need for additional labour."

But Sealed Air's impact doesn't end with fast fulfilment. It extends all the way to the consumer's living room.

"Right now, retailers are very focused on the first half of the e-commerce experience – website design, 24/7 customer service, fast and free shipping – but very few have stopped to consider the risk to their brand once that product leaves a distribution centre and arrives at the consumers door.

"Brand loyalty and customer experience are won and lost in those final few steps of the delivery experience - and that includes the packaging. We have the power to protect and enhance a brand by creating packaging solutions that are attractive, protective, sustainable, easy to use, and easy to return."


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