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Schenker Intermodal Conference will “define the future”

Schenker Intermodal Conference will “define the future”

DB Schenker Rail UK’s third annual Intermodal Port Conference is set to give attendees a unique view of the world in 2020 by looking at challenges and opportunities for customers, shipping lines, ports and terminals.

Following the success of previous events, the third Intermodal Port Conference will be held on Wednesday 3rd September at Eastwood Hall Hotel in Nottingham. The key note speech will be given by Geoff Spencer, CEO at DB Schenker Rail UK.

The event will include sessions on 'The World in 2020’, providing attendees with invaluable insight into the future supply chain. Speakers will include Terry Murphy from John Lewis, Clemence Cheng from Hutchison Ports and David Turner from WH Malcolm.

There will also be the opportunity to view DB Schenker’s industry-leading order-tracking software, Anubis, and a visit to the company’s engineering centre in Toton, the UK’s largest locomotive depot on 4th September for guests staying overnight.

DB Schenker head of sales, Neil McDonald, said: “In the last few weeks alone we’ve seen Strategic Rail Freight Interchanges at Radlett and DIRFT III given the go-ahead. This is exciting news for the intermodal market, providing real options for customers looking for an efficient, low-carbon option to distribute their goods.

“As a key provider within the market, DB Schenker Rail UK is creating a shared vision of the future in one day - a ‘must-attend’ conference for people looking at their company’s future and wishing to understand the challenges faced throughout the supply chain.

“I am sure this will lead to interesting discussions and a debate you’ll want to be part of – so come and help us define the shape of the industry in 2020.”

If you are a decision-maker in intermodal logistics you’re welcome to attend DB Schenker’s 3rd Intermodal Port Conference. To reserve your place, contact Sheila Wall at [email protected].

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