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SCALA aims to expand its global reach with ambitious growth plans

SCALA aims to expand its global reach with ambitious growth plans

SCALA, a leading provider of management services for the supply chain and logistics sector, is on track to almost double its turnover by next year, as part of its ambitious international growth plans.

The business has reported a strong financial year, increasing its turnover by 40% year-on-year, and aims to double its turnover again to £5m within the next three years.

SCALA has also invested heavily in its workforce over the past 12 months, growing its management team fourfold. Dave Howorth, executive director, will be responsible for enhancing both the UK and European capabilities and Phil Reuben, executive director, will be overseeing global growth, including the development of a new Chinese office. In addition, the senior level consultant team has been further strengthened with the appointments of Paul Bebbington, formerly from Kelloggs and Sanofi, and David Short, formerly from DHL.

The business plans to expand the management team further in the next two years with the hire of two additional directors.

Through strengthening its expert leadership team, SCALA is working to increase the range of services if can offer, building on its current very strong logistics and supply chain services to include procurement consultancy, a Demand Driven programme, a Cost to Serve service, whilst also developing its Benchmarking programme.

Developing its international capabilities, SCALA’s extensive growth plans also see the business expanding into China. Utilising Phil Reuben’s extensive experience of the Chinese supply chain, SCALA’s core UK team, alongside a new team based in Suzhou near Shanghai, will be responsible for delivering solutions and expert supply chain knowledge overseas.

John Perry, managing director of SCALA, said: “Our main objective is to be at the top of the supply chain consultancy ladder, providing unrivalled logistics and supply chain support that our clients need to adapt to the changing marketplace. To achieve this, we are strengthening our team to ensure we have all the expert skills and technical competancies required to advise a wide variety of businesses, we are building long-term sustainability and broadening our range of capabilities and the international locations we can service.

“During 2018, our goal is to ensure that we meet all these requirements so that we can continue to grow and can offer a world-class service to our clients based around the globe. Our senior team is the strongest its ever been, we’re constantly expanding the range of services we offer, and we’re now looking to build long-lasting relationships in China. The future is looking extremely bright, and we have even more growth plans up our sleeve to ensure that our momentum of success continues long after 2018.”

SCALA signs Ocean Group China joint venture

SCALA has joined forces with Ocean Group China to assist UK and European businesses that are looking to supply to China.

It will also be helping businesses in China develop their domestic and international supply chain and logistics capabilities.

The new joint venture, known as SCALA China, has seen SCALA establish a new Chinese team, based in Suzhou, near Shanghai, which has a detailed understanding of the Chinese market and its logistics requirements. This team will be guided and supported by the core UK team, providing international experience and expertise.

The project will be headed up SCALA’s executive director Phil Reuben, who having completed over 100 business trips to China, has extensive experience of the country’s supply chain and understanding of the business cultures.

The Huddersfield-based business plans to launch its extensive range of services in China through the partnership including sourcing, supply chain, logistics and customer service. Opportunities have already been identified in helping companies develop their channels to market, supply chain systems and their logistics capabilities

It will also be providing opportunities for Chinese clients to visit the UK to study at Huddersfield University and to meet with UK businesses to develop a mutual understanding of the changing global marketplace and supply chain requirements.

As part of SCALA’s ambitions to build relationships in China, managing director John Perry was recently invited by to attend the 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Innovation Summit on 12th March 2018 as a VIP guest. Held in Beijing, the Summit saw world-class technical experts and supply chain professionals, and global companies gather together to discuss trends around technology and innovative practices within the smart supply chain.

John Perry, managing director of SCALA, said: “This new joint venture is an important milestone for SCALA as we aim to strengthen our offering and provide our services to businesses on an international basis. The UK and Chinese governments are keen to build on trading relationships, and SCALA is in a great position to assist those UK and European businesses that are looking to supply to China. Our objective is to adapt and tailor our best practice services to adhere to Chinese requirements, while also developing a supply chain ecosystem that meets the challenges of an increasingly demanding and complex marketplace, both within China and around the world.

“Ocean Group International has an enormous amount of knowledge about the supply chain and logistics marketplace in China. We were introduced to the company a few years ago by a mutual Chinese client we work with in the UK, so we have been building our relationship for some time. Its local understanding combined with our European expertise creates a formidable partnership that we hope can create lasting relationships overseas and in the UK.”

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