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Samuel Grant launches Samson Nano

Samuel Grant launches Samson Nano

Packed with innovative technology, and boasting the lowest turntable height of any other available pallet wrapper, the Nano from Samuel Grant Group offers a complete turnkey solution to businesses.

With no cost outlay to install or maintain the machine, it also offers a transparent costing model, charging only per pallet wrapped with no hidden costs, and removing all maintenance concerns from the clients. Real-time information is easy to gather from the machine, facilitating ongoing evaluation of its service.

Pre-set to avoid any human error, the machine delivers a high quality wrap using film stretched up to three times more than previous solutions, meaning that the device is not only effective, it is also cost-efficient and environmentally sound.

“We have had the Nano made exclusively for us. It measures every aspect of the wrap applied to every pallet and its inbuilt technology transmits this information back to us in real time for monitoring and analysis,” says Andrew Grant, Managing Director of Samuel Grant Group. “We also have an exclusive partnership with the manufacturer of our “Samson Nano” stretch film, a 33 layer film that performs exceptionally well on our machine.”

Conrad Hart-Brooke from Taylor’s of Harrogate, Samuel Grant’s first customer to try the Nano said: “The NANO business model is based on a very robust theory, which removes hassle of an in house system with clear billing and online reporting systems.

Communication and invoicing are very clear and easy to track and monitor which enables effective planning and transparency of the costing model. The machine is environmentally good – provides a good quality wrap with minimum of film using high spec materials. There is a good interface between machine, wrap and quality, which have removed the potential headaches and associated responsibilities of an in-house solution.”

The low turntable height, a totally unique feature to the Nano, means that it can be installed safely anywhere, without the risk of unstable loads.

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