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RLM lifted by Barek support

RLM lifted by Barek support
Michael Leek (Barek), Ian Richardson (RLM) and Nicholas Leek (Barek)

Two Hull-based businesses are celebrating a 25-year continuous relationship this month after they completed their latest agreement reinforcing the underlying strength of business networks and growth in the region.

RLM Packaging has been based in Hull for almost half a century and was acquired by its present owners in 1990. It hs been working with another established local company, Barek Lift Trucks, for its forklifts and materials handing needs since 1991 and has maintained the relationship constantly ever since.

RLM manufactures tin containers for customers in paint, lubricants and similar products. It produces around five million cans per year from around 1,000 tonnes of tin plate, including several exclusively-produced containers.

It’s a lean manufacturing model which calls for efficient materials handling due to the limited warehousing space and short delivery lead times. At RLM this comes in the form of TCM forklift dealer Barek Lift Trucks, a leading materials handling specialist with over 30 years' experience in the sector servicing Hull, York, Harrogate and across much of the region.
The business, which is owned and managed by Michael and Nicholas Leek, has a team of sales and service engineers across the region proving a comprehensive materials handling service.

According to RLM Managing Director, Ian Richardson, there is a big advantage to working with a local trusted partner. “They understand the complexities of our business and the critical nature of their role in it. It allows me to focus on other things knowing that they are a very reliable partner.”
When it comes to negotiating a new deal for replacement trucks, the ability to talk at business owner level is key. “I prefer to deal peer-to-peer in our important partnership relationships, said Richardson. "Clearly, decisions can be made without having to seek permission from some remote corporate structure. Our agreements are therefore flexible and tailored to meet the ever changing demands of our business.

"But it is still valuable to know that the trucks themselves have a robust global resource behind them. It is obviously better to do business with people you know and trust.”

Barek Lift Trucks has been sole supplier and materials handling partner to RLM Packaging for over 25 years and is now on the fourth generation of trucks. It has always worked with European-built TCM forklifts.

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