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RFID solutions for warehousing and logistics

RFID solutions for warehousing and logistics

Inventory and Asset Management are unreliable processes that involve countless hours of manually scanning barcodes. What if there is a better, faster way?

One solution is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which uses radio waves to identify hundreds of objects in seconds without needing line of sight.

RFID brings a variety of benefits. First, it saves time and labour. With labour costs being 65% of most warehouses’ operating budgets, this is a crucial driver of ROI. US retailer Walmart found their 10,000 item inventory, which used to take 53 hours, now takes only 2 hours, a 96% reduction in stock counting time.

Second, RFID improves accuracy. Average inventory accuracy improves from an average of 65% with barcoding to an average of 95% with RFID.

Third, RFID helps you locate any item in seconds. This makes picking faster and helps prevent losses, especially with expensive assets and equipment.

In the Warehousing, Supply Chain and Logistics sector, RFID is frequently used for inventory management to improve accuracy and reduce stocktaking time and for asset management to keep track of equipment, vehicles, reusable storage and more.

Large US companies such as Walmart, Federal Express, Dell, Proctor and Gamble and General Steel have already implemented RFID in the supply chain. In the UK, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Zara and other companies are using RFID.

Tec-RFID is the one company you need to implement your RFID system. We provide complete RFID solutions by supplying fixed and handheld readers, printers, tags and bespoke software services. We partner with Zebra, who has more RFID systems installed than any other manufacturer and has over 300 RFID patents. Contact us to discuss how RFID can benefit your business.

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Call: 0844 870 7873

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