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A revolution in rack safety at IMHX

A revolution in rack safety at IMHX

Would a racking collapse pulverise your productivity? Would it ruin your reputation? Could it even cripple your company?

Rack collapses are catastrophic for business, and forklifts moving unchecked in pallet racking areas are a recipe for disaster.

Protecting racking and preventing rack damage is essential good practice for health and safety managers – but what happens when racking is impacted straight after an inspection, or during a night shift? There is still dangerous ‘dead time’ between daily inspections where racking remains vulnerable… until now!

Launching in the UK at IMHX, RackEye by A-SAFE is a revolution in rack safety – and it will change the way health and safety-focused companies look after their critical racking structures.

Imagine a product that monitors your racking on a permanent, round-the-clock, 24-hour basis. Imagine instant alerts when racking is impacted. Imagine the ability to identify ‘the damage you don’t see’ – those dangerous areas where racking suffers frequent low-intensity impacts that erode rack integrity.

Combine these factors with the ability for senior users to control a multi-site network of racking through a smartphone app. Add in complete rack leg history data, huge savings on rack inspection resources and manpower, super-efficient installation and much, much more.

RackEye recently took the CeMAT trade show in Germany by storm, with huge interest and immediate demand from a host of blue chip companies and site managers – and IMHX will be the UK reveal of this first-to-market product.

RackEye is created by A-SAFE, a company that has already changed the industrial health and safety landscape as the inventor of impact-absorbent polymer barriers.

A-SAFE remain the world-leader in safety barrier protection and innovation, committed to delivering unbeatable barrier standards with exceptional return on investment for customers.

The new iFlex barrier range is stronger and longer and includes never-before-seen barrier enhancements, including hygiene, modularity and multi-directional capabilities that make for a better, more economical fit inside a facility.

You can hear what A-SAFE say about rack protection and integrating the new technology into your racking protection practice at daily IMHX seminars in the  A-SAFE-sponsored Seminar Programme.

And you can visit A-SAFE’s array of award-winning safety barriers on stand at IMHX, as well as being among the first to see the ground-breaking RackEye revolution up close.

Visit A-SAFE at IMHX on stand 9F61. To view A-SAFE’s seminar dates and times visit

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