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Renault extends collaboration with XPO

Renault extends collaboration with XPO

Renault has extended its collaboration with XPO Logistics by awarding the company a further contract for the organisation of its transport in western France.

XPO Logistics is providing a comprehensive solution for the coordination of transport flows and execution of full and part load transport operations designed specifically by XPO Logistics for Renault.

From its platform in Parçay-Meslay, Tours (Indre-et-Loire), dedicated XPO Logistics teams ensure the daily collection of car parts from Renault suppliers and daily deliveries to Renault factories in the Seine valley. These teams also manage return transport of used handling crates and the transit of car parts via an XPO Logistics cross-dock facility.

The XPO Logistics solution is highly flexible to ensure optimised routing plans between the various locations served, taking into account supplier requirements and potential fluctuations in volume. 

Fabien Ruelleu, Business Development Manager Automotive Solutions at XPO Logistics, explained: “The Renault and XPO Logistics teams operate with a relationship of trust built up over several decades and strengthened by results that match this important customer’s expectations. We are able to offer Renault a high quality of service, due to our advanced knowledge of the automotive sector and Renault’s processes and the constant sharing of best practices between our experts." 

Lutz Quietmeyer, Head of upstream transportation engineering for the logistics of Renault-Nissan in Europe said: “Our collaboration with XPO is key, and we rely on teamwork to find service and productivity improvement levers. This approach is meant to identify opportunities for continuous improvement, as well as breakthrough innovations.”


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