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Reduce energy costs with Clark Door’s Coldmaster Freezer Door

Reduce energy costs with Clark Door’s Coldmaster Freezer Door

clarkdoor0511_thumb.pngAfter the completion of a four-year intensive development programme, Clark Door Limited has announced the launch of its Coldmaster Freezer Door which the company believes will make a major contribution to its customers' efforts to cut their carbon footprint by utilising the Coldmaster Door’s energy saving technology.

The Clark Coldmaster consists of a vestibule formed by two high speed roll-up fabric curtains which, when closed, form an effective insulated barrier to the movement of air through the doorway.

When open, the door features a horizontal re-circulatory air curtain to reduce the infiltration of warm air into the Coldstore. The patented Coldmaster technology enables the industry for the first time to have an integrated door solution which ensures that even when open, the doorway has drastically reduced losses of valuable refrigerated air.

The development of the Clark Coldmaster was part funded by the North West Development Agency Grand Award Scheme and involved partnership with the STL Laboratories at Daresbury Research Centre who carried out extensive computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modelling to enable the company to optimise its air curtain design.

Clark Door Limited claims that its new door technology represents a major breakthrough in coldstorage door design as it reduces energy costs by lowering refrigeration plant load and reduces associated evaporator defrosting cycles. By lowering icing it improves safety by providing clear vision even when the door is closed and by lowering slip hazards associated with icing on the loading bay and in the coldstore often found with other door designs.

The company claims significant running cost savings are possible with up to 3-5% savings on electricity bills per annum per door being experienced by existing users of the Clark Coldmaster door. To assist customers in appraising their door usage costs the company has developed an energy programme with WS Atkins to calculate potential savings based upon individual door size and site conditions.

Clark Door Limited has been manufacturing specialist Coldstore Doors from its Carlisle base since 1973 and on an international basis for over 100 years.

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