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Quality salt spreader makes an impact with Impact

Quality salt spreader makes an impact with Impact

As thoughts turn to winter and the issues that come with frozen yards, a cost-effective forklift-mounted salt spreader from Vale Engineering (York) Ltd could be the answer.

Traditionally the gritting of car parks, factory sites and distribution centres has been challenging, stressful and - if the winter weather takes hold - can be costly to a business.

Often the only equipment available on-site is a forklift, and the salt spreaders produced for them can be inferior and ineffective tow behind ground-driven spreaders.

A cost-effective option is now available with the development of the Winter Wizard fork-mounted salt
spreader. James Wilson, MD of Vale Engineering, says: “The Winter Wizard is excellent for forklifts
as it adds extra weight to the front axle and spreads the salt ahead for greater traction.”

“Now the on-site manager responsible for safety in the workplace have a quality salt spreader that can spread all types of salt accurately and effectively.”

The Winter Wizard has a 250kg capacity and can spread all types of salt wet or dry up to 9m wide. It is
hydraulically driven from the forklift auxiliary circuit or by piping into the forklift side shift – an industry recognised method of providing hydraulic power for attachments.

Key to the machines effectiveness is the utilisation of the Vale POZI-FEED stainless steel auger system which is used throughout the Vale salt spreader range.

One company that has recognised the potential of the Winter Wizard is Impact Handling - the UK’s largest
independent materials handling group. Rosie Matharu, aftermarket sales executive at Impact Handling, says: “Our client needed a reliable salt spreader for their high profile manufacturing plant having already tried
various tow-behind spreaders which had failed. They already have our CAT lift trucks on-site to use it with - the Winter Wizard was straightforward to attach.

"They are a quality machine, which is reliable and effective.”

Vale says the Winter Wizard is sensibly priced - its quality build and low-maintenance design offers a cost-effective solution for increased workplace safety. 

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