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ProGlove expands reach In the UK through Conker partnership

ProGlove expands reach In the UK through Conker partnership

ProGlove, a leading provider of industrial wearables, has announced a new partnership with Conker, a British producer of business rugged tablets, touch screens and mobile devices.  The partnership enables ProGlove to expand its reach into the UK via Conker; who will offer ProGlove’s MARK 2 intelligent, wearable barcode scanner to clients alongside Conker’s range of tablets, touch screens and mobile devices.

This joint proposition promises to improve workforce productivity for automotive, logistics, manufacturing, retail and aviation firms, given the market opportunity for wearables.  Conker devices are now able to integrate with ProGlove's wearable scanners. Data synchronisation allows Conker devices, that are assigned to workstations to record the wearable scanners' data so that productivity can be monitored by managers.

According to technology analyst, IDC, the global market for wearable devices is forecast to grow 15.3% over the previous year to 198.5 million units by the end of 2019. It also states that the market is expected to reach 279 million units by the end of 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9%.

ProGlove and Conker share a common goal of enabling a smarter and more productive workforce through wearable technology, by equipping it with the technology that enables business operation improvements. For instance, within the automotive sector, during 360 degree logistics and production scenarios, that include picking, inbound logistics and sequencing, ProGlove’s barcode scanners have been proven to save employees up to 4 seconds per scan, can cut ‘time-per-pick’ in half and ensure that up to 33% of picking errors are avoided. This productivity is made possible by ProGlove’s innovation and ergonomics.

Derk Steemers, Marketing Manager Northern Europe, ProGlove says: “We’re excited about our relationship with Conker, given how complementary its product set is to ours. We provide powerful, wearable scanners, that can play a critical role within ‘scanning’ scenarios, but at some point they need to synchronise with a fit-for-purpose, business rugged tablet, touch screen or mobile device.  This partnership with Conker is key, as not only does it mean that we can offer complete mobile solutions, but it also helps us move faster towards our goal of enabling a smarter workforce across the UK market.”

He added: “When designing our intelligent gloves and scanners, we placed the user’s needs at the heart of our design process, so Conker’s customers can now trial our MARK 2 wearable scanners for themselves. We can tell you all day long how amazing our scanners are, but nothing is as convincing as trying it out for themselves at their own facilities.”

Conal McGuirk, Commercial Director, Conker says, “We have been thoroughly impressed by ProGlove’s technology and its capability to support firms with their barcode scanning requirements across similar vertical sectors to the ones that we target.  In our experience, all too often, companies select technology that is not fit for purpose, to solve commercial ‘scanning’ challenges. We believe the answer to this is about selecting the most appropriate strategy and best-fit solution for the job at hand, which is why we are excited to be able to offer ProGlove’s easy-to-use intelligent glove in combination with our business-rugged devices to the market.”

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