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Product news: Kite Packaging launch strapping kits

Product news: Kite Packaging launch strapping kits

Strapping, commonly referred to a bundling or banding, is used within a wide range of businesses such as packaging, fulfilment, logistics, and building and construction industries. Popular in many warehouse operations, strapping is the ideal solution when securing products particularly for handling and transportation.

Kite Packaging offer an extensive range of strapping and strapping tools and equipment and have recently extended their range which now includes kits, supplying users with all the equipment they need to apply polyester, steel and corded strapping.

Kites range of tools and accessories help bring efficiency to distribution operations. Tensioners ensure maximum tension is obtained and sealers and seals ensure a tight seal once the tension has been applied. Mobile trolleys are an efficient way of transporting strapping around operations and safety cutters ensure the safe release of strapping. Kites combination tools allow the users to carry out the functions of tensioning, sealing and cutting steel strapping all in one.

Included in the sets:
Polyester strapping kit – 16mm polyester strapping reel, mobile strapping trolley, 12-19mm tensioning tool, 16mm sealing tool, 16 mm serrated metal seals.
Steel strapping kit 1 – 19mm steel strapping reel, mobile dispenser trolley, 13-19mm strapping tool, 19mm sealing tool, strapping safety cutter, 19mm snap-on-seals.

Steel strapping kit 2 – 19mm steel strapping reel, mobile dispenser trolley and a 13-19mm seal-less combination tool (tensions, seals and cuts all in one).

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