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Product focus: Werma andon lights and signal towers

Product focus: Werma andon lights and signal towers

Werma has been designing and manufacturing signal towers and andon lights for several decades now with recipes handed down from generation to generation. Far from the recipe never changing, our experts are continuously innovating bringing to you the very latest in lighting technology to ensure that our lights enable you to “be seen, be safe and be heard!”

Let us now take you through our menu of options, confident that our technology-hungry customers will find something that “hits the spot” and satisfies the appetite for the very best in signal light technology.

Today's Menu


Dimensions: Signal towers and andon lights are available in 40 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm sizes in both modular and pre-assembled options.

Voltages: 12V DC, 24V AC/DC. 30V DC, 115V AC, or 230V AC. USB port powered also available.


Colours: Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, plus additional programmable colours from our multicolour range. Ask your waiter for more details.

Light Effects: most colours available in Permanent, Blinking, Flashing, Double Flash, Flicker (EVS), Rotating or Ultrabright. Some selections have a choice of a single beam of light or "OmniVIEW" (best visibility from all positions).

Light Technologies: LED, incandescent bulb, xenon flash.

Sounds: tone choices include continuous, pulse, alternating tones, and externally triggered. Most are volume adjustable while one is self-adjusting. Some have 7 or 8 tones to choose from. If all else fails, copy your favourite MP3 files (sounds, songs, spoken words) and provide a customised sound.

Sound Volumes: include: 85 dB, 80-100 dB (self-adjusting), 95-105 dB (manually set) and 100 dB.

Communication: wirelessly networked andon light systems for machine status monitoring and data collection, manual workstation monitoring and call-for action, parts counting, head-of-line function

Side orders

Wire Terminations come with a choice of CAGE Clamp®, screw terminals or quick disconnect (M12, 8 pole) connections. Your choice of a black or grey housing.

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