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Product Focus: Vertu offers "impressive cost savings"

Product Focus: Vertu offers "impressive cost savings"

In the ultra-competitive world of the forklift industry, decision makers need to be shown something a little different, something that delivers benefits that last for the life of the vehicle or lease contract, not just on the purchase price or the initial down payment, which is what marks out the new Vertu range from Ecobat Battery Technologies.

When the market is dictated by price alone, there tends to be only one direction of travel, although price reality can only be truly assessed by incorporating all the associated running costs involved with ownership or a lease contract.

Being subject to price orientated pressures, truck manufacturers and finance houses will not usually consider the battery and charging regime, as their motivation is to reduce the initial purchase cost of the vehicle, which is why those with the decision making responsibility need to understand the long term implications when it comes to running costs, in order to appreciate the true lifetime costs. With Vertu, these considerations are brought to the forefront and the long-term cost savings can be fully understood.

As well as the benefits for the end-user who actually pays the energy bills, the Vertu range also enables truck dealers to show they can deliver real long-term added value benefits to their potential customers, rather than simply being ‘the cheapest’ in the initial round of negotiations.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Important though initiatives such as water saving are, far more cost-effective efficiencies can be made by saving energy, which is why cost conscious businesses committed to reducing their carbon footprint invest large sums in such ways as replacing the traditional lighting in their warehouses with energy saving LED lighting systems.

Energy saving and efficiency is at the heart of the Vertu range, delivering impressive cost savings and other benefits to users over short payback periods.

What’s The Reality?

Although the initial investment in the Vertu system could be slightly higher than using standard systems, the savings and benefits to users are substantial, which means the payback period is very short.

Using the example of a medium 48V single-shift (a single battery and charger) counterbalance truck, operators can expect fifth-year real-cost savings in excess of £2,000, with a payback time of just 18 months. The cost saving gains become even more favourable when a Vertu system is used on a double-shift operation (two batteries and one charger), which will save more than twice that amount over the same five-year period and deliver a payback time of only six months.

For the end-user, the difference is phenomenal. A typical warehouse operation running eight powered pallet trucks, four reach trucks and two large counterbalance trucks on a double-shift basis, could return genuine cost savings of almost £60,000 over a five-year period by adopting a Vertu system.

As well as the savings in energy costs, the same example would deliver a hugely impressive reduction of more than 196,000kg in the user’s CO2 emissions, which will make a dramatic contribution to reduce their carbon footprint, which is a major concern for all responsible companies.

Furthermore, Ecobat Battery Technologies provides its Vertu range with a unique six-year/1,600-cycle warranty, rather than the typical five-year/1,500-cycle warranty, which is the industry norm in the UK.

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