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Product focus: Storopack introduces new protective packaging system

Product focus: Storopack introduces new protective packaging system

Storopack – a leading global protective packaging supplier has now introduced a unique black paper pad system into its Papillon range – perfect for enhancing the customer unboxing experience.

Storopack, a global operation with headquarters in Metzingen, Germany,  designs and manufactures the majority of its products in-house, demonstrating a strong commitment to provide innovative products for the protective packaging market through its distributor network.

By packing products with exclusively designed, soft and flexible black Papillon paper, this high-quality range will dramatically improve product presentation. It is perfect for packing luxury e-commerce goods from perfumes, beauty, cosmetics, and skin care products, to a wider variety of applications.

Mark Mardel, Sales Director, explains “Customer satisfaction is key to every business. We know from our experience the customer buying experience and satisfaction is considerably enhanced when products arrive well packaged and in perfect condition, but just as important is the expectation and delivery of a unique and exciting unboxing experience.  With its soft and flexible properties, black Papillon paper is the ideal product to fulfil this expectation.”

This exclusive, patented pad system is designed for top void fill and blocking and bracing packaging solutions, and is ideal for small to medium-sized parcels, and where the need to send quality lightweight packages is important.

Originally launched in 2015 the Papillon range with its patented shape requires up to 30% less paper  per box compared to other products on the market, and is rapidly increasing in popularity within the protective packaging and void fill market. Customers who already use the white and standard brown Papillon are experiencing benefits such as smaller pack weights, increased pack speeds and an overall improvement in warehouse output efficiencies.

PAPERplus Papillon packaging systems can be designed to easily integrate into any warehouse operation. The versatile machine has a small footprint, is portable, fast, and when integrated into a packaging station one machine can feed multiple packers. The flexible system offers three machine operation modes: Automatic, On-demand, and Foot pedal, and can be used as a stand-alone unit or in combination with multiple packing stations.

The machine has a maximum speed of 40 metres per minute and uses simple plug and play technology.



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