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Product focus: Spare parts from Vanderlande

Product focus: Spare parts from Vanderlande

Like any other business, meeting customers’ service level demands is an increasingly tough challenge, especially for distribution centres and parcel and postal sorting centres.

For example shorter lead times, later cut-off times, smaller orders and greater product diversity. Add to that the need for maximum delivery reliability with zero-fault performance. While at the same time distribution centres need to constantly reduce costs and serve widely varying customers, making the operations increasingly complex.

Fast-growing e-commerce business models means big changes for both DC’s and parcel operators. Rapid order fulfilment, shorter process timeframes, higher delivery frequencies, even more pressure on cost per item handled – all demand maximum flexibility and logistics performance.  In boosting your performance and competitiveness in the market, you’ll need to focus on achieving your strategic goals.

Taking into account these developments, the fast access to and availability of spare parts for a material handling system becomes more and more important. Customers want to have access to information about parts, availability and pricing 24/7. To meet these requirements Vanderlande launched a digital spare parts portal for. This portal enables Vanderlande Customers to order items quickly and easily online and provide them with all the information they need whenever they need it.

Customers can look for parts in various ways, for example by entering the OEM number, the Vanderlande item number or a brief product description. The spare parts portal also offers Vanderlande customers an installed base search option including equipment identification code functionality. This means that search results can be refined to only show items that match those included in their own system’s bill of material. Vanderlande can pre-program this into the portal for owners of Vanderlande systems who want to make their search even easier.

Besides the extensive search functionality, users can track the status of their order and its delivery online, as well as arrange repairs, and submit return and warranty requests. Vanderlande has launched the portal in seven languages: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Russian and Polish. It is complemented by the personal support and professional expertise of Vanderlande’s local representatives all around the world.

Vanderlande tested and adjusted the spare parts portal in close corporation with more than 15 customers.
Since its launch earlier this year more than 265 customers and over 460 people, are connected to the portal and already a significant part of all spare parts orders are placed via the portal.

This success is driven by the fact that the Vanderlande customers experience daily efficiency when ordering in the spare parts portal. It provides them easy access to their system information, pricing information and availability of their parts. They can order easily and the delivery process is quick.

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