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Product focus: Route planning software

Product focus: Route planning software

Maxoptra has released a new version of its cloud-based software that provides an all-in-one solution for customer service, delivery management and route planning for distribution fleets.

Complete with a redesigned user interface for use across multiple devices, Maxoptra version 5.0 also includes a host of new functionality designed to enhance its appeal for transport organisations looking to boost their customer delivery experience, control costs and increase operational efficiency.
“Feedback from users has always been that Maxoptra is a user friendly, functionally rich solution,” commented Stuart Brunger, Maxoptra Business Development Director. “The latest version is designed to build on this proven reputation by enhancing the user experience whilst delivering new features to improve communications with the recipient of a delivery. We have also introduced new functionality and boosted the performance of the software engines that power Maxoptra.”
The redesigned Maxoptra user interface, complete with new iconography, is designed to boost use of Maxoptra across multiple platforms, including mobile devices. Maxoptra is cloud based, so is available at any time, from any Internet enabled device, and users of the advanced routing and scheduling platform are increasingly using tablets and smartphone to access up-to-the minute updates. The ability to personalise front-end screens, with a customer’s own branding, and customise menu options, also enhance Maxoptra’s ease of use and appeal.
Maxoptra version 5.0 also includes new features designed to help organisations engage with customers and improve their customer service experience. Enhanced Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) calculations and communications, using both real-time run information and Google calculations ensure the recipient is kept informed of their delivery status. An order ‘cloning’ tool is now included to rapidly address the issue of missed deliveries or repeat / regular orders, while a better mapping interface within Maxoptra’s Track and Trace module makes it easier and more intuitive for customer service personnel to identify, monitor and report on progress.
In addition to the existing cost calculation options, Maxoptra v5.0 can now allow additional factors, including cost per order and cost per vehicle, to be considered. The ability to add these charges will allow for the better management of third party costs; making scheduling smarter by reducing the use of additional vehicles if an up-front cost is associated. For larger, more complex operations, Maxoptra has introduced multiple planning screens allowing more than one despatcher to work at the same time and the Maxoptra scheduling engine, the driving force of this advanced functionality, has been made faster and more reliable. 

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