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Product focus: Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator

Product focus: Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator

The Raymond Corporation’s Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator is a finalist for an award recognising the industry’s best intralogistics products and system solutions.

The International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) nominated the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator for its 2019 IFOY Award in the Special of the Year category — 1 of 15 products and solutions across six categories from more than a dozen manufacturers.

In March, the competition will enter its second round, wherein IFOY experts will test all the products. The IFOY Innovation Check employs engineers who test the innovation value of the nominated products and solutions. As a finalist in the Special of the Year category, the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator will be evaluated on the ability to increase productivity and confidence in forklift operators by providing supplemental education in a virtual environment.

The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator utilizes an existing Raymond® forklift truck by plugging into the company’s patent-pending sPort, or Simulation Port. After the vehicle is no longer needed for instruction, the sPort can be disconnected, and the forklift can be placed back into operation in the warehouse. Customer benefits realized from using the tool include the capability to provide experiential learning in alternative scenarios and the ability to prescreen incoming forklift operator applicants. Under an experienced instructor’s guidance, the virtual reality lessons increase in complexity to build upon principles learned in earlier modules, allowing operators to become comfortable with the forklift before even reaching the warehouse floor.

“Innovations like the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator exemplify Raymond’s commitment to keep our customers running better and managing smarter, all while encouraging best practices for operators,” said Michael Field, CEO, Raymond. “Being a finalist for the 2019 IFOY Award is a great honor, and we appreciate the recognition of our efforts to solve the industry’s challenges.”

IFOY winners will be announced April 26, 2019, at an award ceremony in the Hofburg, Vienna, Austria.

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