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Product focus: The power of wood

Product focus: The power of wood

Kronos discuss easy to use pallet collars.

What is this new miracle cost cutter in the warehouse? Simple, easy to use pallet collars. Now before you wrinkle up your nose in disbelief, take a look at how they are helping other businesses take control of their costs.

Cutting Back on Shipping Costs
How much are you paying to ship half full, quarter full, three quarter filled containers? The fact is that sometimes your products don’t take up all the space that is allotted in a crate. Here is where pallet collars can really make a difference in costs and make shipping far more efficient. Pallet collars are completely adjustable and fully stackable. You can control the height of the shipping container and use the leftover vertical space to add more containers.
Other benefits of using pallet collars include:
• Reduction in shipping materials
• Reduction in generating waste
• Reduction in risk

Let’s look at the bullets above a little closer to see where you can uncover some really cost reduction:
Reduction in shipping materials - packaging waste is a huge concern for everyone. When you have a carton or crate that is not filled to capacity, it requires more shipping materials to protect the goods. Using more packaging peanuts or other protective material is costly in more ways than one. Purchasing the packaging material is an expensive, the energy used by the machine (if you use one or the wasted time by employees) is an expense, and the damage it does to the environment is expensive for everyone.

Pallet collars let you control the height of the pallet box so that you can reduce the amount of protective materials you have to use.
Reducing waste - waste is expensive in many ways. Packaging waste was sited by the EU as one of the most damaging groups of landfill waste. Extra packaging is unnecessary when you have an option that will customize the way you ship/store products. Reducing waste is also good for your businesses reputation. Showing corporate commitment to the environment by reducing the amount of packaging that you use improves public perception.

Reduction in risk - many firms are still using shrink wrap options to fortify their pallets. Unfortunately, shrink wrapping options does very little in the way of reducing unauthorized access to the products on the pallet. Shrinking wrapping can provide for easy access to the goods on the pallet.

Of course, shrink wrap is nothing more than a film which does little in the way of protecting from bumps and bangs during shipping which can damage the products. Pallet collars are sturdy, easy to use options that increase security and promote protection of goods.

Wooden collars are very durable and can easily survive bumps and bangs without causing any damage to the goods. They also can do a great deal of good when it comes to keeping out unauthorized access. Reducing risk of damage and compromise of the shipment is easy with these sturdy collars and of course cost saving.

There are other components of using pallet collars that make them a great choice for any supply activity like reducing the risk of injury in the warehouse.
Wooden pallet collars can be set without any tools. You do not even need hand tools. Taking tools out of the equation increases safety in the shipping area exponentially.
There is also a reduction in labor costs, it takes one person to set them up! The learning curve for learning how to assemble pallet collars is about 10 minutes which of course is more cost savings. Warehouse labor can get right to work without lengthy training processes.

Test it out
You do not have to convert your entire operation to using pallet collars to realize the cost savings. Try it out with a pilot program for a few months on a portion of your shipping and then do a comparative analysis. The odds are in your favor that you will be seeing a savings!

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