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Product focus: Piab give cobots a firm grip

Product focus: Piab give cobots a firm grip

For cobots to make processes more efficient, they must be as flexible as possible. Supporting the growing cobot market - an easy entry solution into automation technology - Piab has developed a single end effector for handling objects of just about any material, surface and shape.

In an environment of ever shorter product life cycles, a growing product mix and a continuous quest for individualized products, the use of an automation tool like the cobot in as many areas as possible is crucial for a profitable business. It plays an essential role in how flexible the cobot can handle things. Especially in the large application field of providing parts for processing by humans, the end effector is central.

With the new compact Kenos KCS vacuum gripper, Piab has taken exactly these requirements into account. The Kenos KCS gripper is an all-rounder and offers a unique level of flexibility when it comes to picking up objects. It allows for a wide range of use thereby eliminating the need for retooling. Thus, the cobot is ready for immediate use at different processes, ensuring optimal usage of its capacity.

Paired with time and cost savings achieved through shorter downtimes and the lack of need for retooling, the Kenos KCS gripper allows for a quick return on investment. The concept is rounded up by features like its lightweight structure, powerful integrated air-driven COAX SX cartridge vacuum technology as well as control valve and vacuum

sensors access options turning the Kenos KCS gripper into a plug-and-play system.

Lightweight, Flexible, Powerful

The Kenos KCS gripper consists of a separate pump unit that integrates modular vacuum generation in the smallest of spaces with a gripper unit. Both are connected by a quick-change system. The entire unit can be attached to all common cobot models with a respective adapter.

Save load capacity for your heavyweights

With its body 3D printed in high quality SLS technology, the Kenos KCS gripper is extremely lightweight. This allows customers to make the most of their cobot load carrying capacity - providing for extra weight to be lifted, moved and placed.

Keep moving - everything, everywhere, everytime

The main gripper consists of a technical foam, which can adapt to a wide variety of contours and can thus accommodate different parts flexibly. This eliminates in many cases the need for accurate identification of a workpiece as well as the gripping surfaces. When the foam layer is worn, it can simply be exchanged - without needing to replace the entire gripper.

Get more for less - higher power at lower input  

The pump unit is equipped with PIAB’s powerful new generation COAX SX cartridge vacuum technology. The lightweight pump unit is a small, integration-optimized vacuum pump and was selected because of its almost silent operation, making it ideal for use directly next to the operator. Because COAX ejectors are up to twice as fast as other ejectors and deliver three times more flow than a conventional ejector with identical air consumption, the pump unit can deliver high performance even with low or fluctuating supply pressure.

This makes them particularly energy efficient. Accordingly, their use reduces the cost of providing compressed air and thus the total cost of production.

Turn your cobot into your worker's best friend

Both gripper units are characterized by their edgeless design. Due to the rounded sides and the surface of technical foam, possible injury hazards are largely eliminated. This makes the gripper units particularly safe to use on cobots, which cooperate freely with humans and thus increases the acceptance by the employees.

The Customizable Bag Gripper

Design your own vacuum gripper in just two minutes with Piab’s user friendly software. A 3D-printed gripper with piGRIP® suction cups will be delivered to you for perfect handling of bags and pouches weighing up to 2 kg.

Your benefits

• Perfect match - design it according to your needs

• Lift more - lightweight, hight quality 3D-printed structure

• Best performance - with integrated COAX®SX12 cartridges

• High speed - thanks to strong-hold piGRIP® suction cups

• Save operations - controlled break-off in case of crash

The easy-to-use “2 minutes-to-design” CBG tool saves days, or even a week, of engineering work, resulting in huge cost savings for robot/system integrators or end-users needing new vacuum gripper tools for their bag/pouch handling.

The customized grippers include everything needed for gripping bags or pouches with the highest reliability even at high speed. They come with fully decentralised (one per cup) dust proof COAX SX12 vacuum generators, state-of-the-art piGRIP® “bag-lip” suction cups, stabilisers around the cup, and an automatic quick-release function.

Depending on your design, the CBG - customizable bag

gripper - is available with 2, 4 or 6 arms, equipped with

piGRIP® suction cups. Every suction cup is furnished with a

COAX SX12 vacuum cartridge. The structure is made of black


Further advantages

• Quick release - due to an automated blow-off function

• Easy connection - just one tube needed for all functions

• Always in place - thanks to stabilizing elements for the suction cups

For easy connection to every robot or cobot type you can choose between a number of ISO standard fixing interfaces.

If the one needed for connection to your robot is not mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us for developing a suitable adapter.

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