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Product focus: Palletower reveals Returnable Transport Packaging range

Product focus: Palletower reveals Returnable Transport Packaging range

Operational and financial efficiencies throughout the supply chain are of paramount importance when it comes to the selecting the most efficient storage and logistics equipment.

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) provides the perfect opportunity for many businesses to maximise the benefits that RTPs provide both operationally from a labour-intensive aspect but more importantly their cost efficiencies and waste reduction.

Palletower, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of storage and logistics equipment, have the most diverse and extensive equipment range in the UK, with many of their products fully utilising the benefits of RTP. A key RTP product within the Palletower range is the New Collapsible Plastic Box Pallet, the PB484039, the most versatile and user-friendly bulk storage container currently in operation.

In partnership with manufacturer Horen Group, Palletower are an exclusive UK stockist of this new box pallet which has recently undergone some dramatic design improvements to maximise operational efficiencies. Incredibly robust and durable, the new moulding increases useable volume by 10%, whilst still remaining incredibly easier to erect and collapse. With a base size of 1200 x 1000mm and an overall height of 975mm when in use, the box is ideal to maximise the height on a vehicle when stacked 2 boxes high.

The box comes into its own once folded at only 345mm, with a second stacked unit at only 315mm. This will give a 3.1 return ratio for return journeys. This vast space saving not only maximises storage space when empty, but better utilises vehicle and trailer space for return journeys, therefore reduced transport costs. This box pallet will eradicate the need of additional packaging for many products and as its virgin plastic can be used within all food environments.

The moulding of the box brings together a range of new technologies and processes to make it not only one of the best designed on the market but also one of the best value with prices starting from £159 and available now from stock with options to both buy or rent.

“Bringing a product into the market place that offers so much versatility at such a cost-efficient entry level, provides a whole host of opportunities for so many businesses;” explains MD Matthew Palmer. “It’s simple to use and it’s a great looking design. However, behind this are some real technological innovations such as the reinforced base to increase load capacity, specially designed anti-impact feet to reduce FLT damage and a unique drainage system to expel water”.

Palletower’s range of equipment extends beyond the collapsible plastic boxes and for many years have been the UK’s largest stockist of new and once used rigid boxes. Working closely with a key UK fruit supplier, Palletower over the last 15-years have supplied over 150,000 once used plastic boxes to UK businesses in industries such as food production, vegetable growers, recycling industries, warehousing and retail distribution.

These one-trip boxes are literally used just once to bring fruit to the UK and provide outstanding value and are available from stock throughout the year. The range covers solid and vented with 2 and 3 skid options alongside a variety of colours. All boxes are the standard 1000 x 1200 x 790mm footprint.

To compliment this, Palletower have expanded the range further with the introduction of a new budget range of rigid solid and vented sided pallet containers available in the same range of colours and skid options as the once used.

“We recognised the need for a new entry level budget rigid container, particularly within food processing and pharmaceuticals,” Matthew Palmer explains. “Financial constraints will allows be a factor within some markets, recognising this and providing a cost-efficient resource is what being part of the supply is about. We are continuing to work with our development partners to develop new and innovative products that offer high-quality, cost-efficient storage and logistics equipment”

Palmer continued: “Our stock holding expands year on year as we look to offer ever growing volumes direct from stocks. We hold over £5m of products in stock offering a unique level of availability within the UK. We are continuing expand the range and there are several new plastic products that we will be introducing this year.“ 

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