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Product focus: Liflex lithium ion energy system

Are you using lead acid batteries as your source of motive power for you MHE equipment? Do you want to charge your battery quicker? These are just a couple of the issues that come up time  and time again.

The Liflex lithium ion energy system offers solutions to all of the above and many more plus being prismatic in construction it offers far more capacity (up to 480A/h) as opposed to other lithium ion mono block constructions.

The Liflex energy-system is totally flexible and with its linear characteristics is suitable for both opportunity charging and fast charging. Fast charging of an 80% discharged system can be achieved in approximately 1.50 hours. Opportunity charging is actively encouraged to maintain capacity during idle time with no detrimental effect on the battery. In fact it has been proven that opportune charging can actually extend battery life.

Because of the charging characteristics there is no need for spare batteries in multi shift operations. The benefits of this are multi fold, no need for battery changing means no need for expensive changing equipment which utilises valuable space and time, no more accidents and damage caused by potentially hazardous changing activity, and because the system is 100% emission free there is no need for costly extraction systems.

All these benefits equate to the option to decentralise charging areas which can maximise valuable working space. The blend of reduced battery quantity and flexible charging equates to an impressive saving in battery handling cost and time of up to 60%.

The Liflex energy-system is maintenance free, so no topping up is required and no service costs equals a 95% saving. Damage from incorrect maintenance will be a thing of the past and so will those contract changing discussions about whose paying.

Unlike Lead acid batteries the Liflex system delivers a constant energy source regardless of the state of charge.  Voltage stability throughout the discharge cycle equals higher productivity, through no loss of performance and motor wear will be significantly reduced.  

Life expectancy (under normal and correct operational circumstances) is more than 2500 cycles, so depending on the application at least twice the overall life of a lead acid battery can be realised.

Not only does the LiFe energy-system use the safest established Lithium battery technology (LiFePo4, Lithium Ferro Phosphate), but the efficiency of the system shows an energy return of over 85% in comparison with 64% from lead acid.

This is achieved by an extremely efficient charge factor (93% in relation to 70% with lead acid) and because of the lower voltage & temperature change between the charge/discharge state. These features mean savings of 30% can be achieved in electricity usage during recharge. Other key factors in efficiency include standby mode and energy recovery.

The system is plug and play and can be integrated into almost all 24-volt applications up to 12KW without the need for truck modification. It is Can-bus compatible and has system management across the entire range, preventing damage and recording all cycle data.

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