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Product focus: L.A.C. increases carrier’s efficiency with mobile line shaft conveyor

Product focus: L.A.C. increases carrier’s efficiency with mobile line shaft conveyor

L.A.C. has had a positive response from the logistics industry for its mobile line shaft conveyor, with major carriers such as Hermes, DPD, and DHL placing orders to bolster their increased business.

The build and set up time for a mobile line shaft conveyor is quick and can be ready to operate within several hours. They can be integrated within existing systems and equipment such as x-ray scanners, barcode readers, data capture cameras, and box strapping machines. Due to the flexibility of a mobile conveyor system, the roller conveyor systems can be used in various layouts to match the needs of the volume of parcels coming through the client’s site.

Whilst each module has its own drive unit, the power and emergency circuits are fully linked, offering the benefits of a fixed conveyor system with the added advantages of being a mobile conveyor system.

One control panel can drive up to 10 motors, so the conveyor system could go up 60m long through a combination of straights, curves, and mergers of one control panel.

A mobile line shaft conveyor comes at a standard size of 912mm wide and 850mm height; however, other conveyor widths can be designed to match what the mobile line shaft system will be used for. The package sizes for a mobile line shaft conveyor system can be any length on a straight. The max size on a curve is 1200w x 800h.

L.A.C.’s mobile line shaft conveyor systems can be modularised as workstations. This makes it a great fit for a depot and parcel delivery service provider. Depending on what the required need is or what department it would be working in, it can be moved to match the layout required.

For example, if required within an e-commerce business, or delivery hub, the conveyor system could be used as part of an infeed system in the morning to bring product into the building and then reconfigured later in the day for the packaging and the sending out process.

Mobile conveyor units are fully reversible, usable for heavy-duty items, available in different colours to match with the colour sectioning of the warehouse, and modular so they could be switched in and out of the conveyor system quickly.

A mobile line shaft conveyor system requires little technological know-how, therefore easy to maintain, set up, and maintenance engineers to do any required work on one.

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