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Product Focus: Kite Packaging introduces new Double Wall Box Sizes and Bubble Wrap retail packs

Product Focus: Kite Packaging introduces new Double Wall Box Sizes and Bubble Wrap retail packs

UK packaging supplier, Kite Packaging, is continuing to build on its diverse product range by adding an additional four sizes to its ever popular Double Wall Box range and releasing a new range of Bubble Wrap retail packs.

The premier packaging supplier is always looking to provide a first class service to its customers and due to the increase in demand for its Double Wall Boxes, the company has expanded its range of sizes.

These additional four sizes will help cater for a wider variety of packaging needs in the industry giving customers a wider choice of boxes.

Kite has also introduced two new boxes to its online store which comply with Royal Mail’s pricing in proportion, one is a Single Wall Carton and the other is a Double Wall Carton.

Along with this strategic product extension, comes an exclusive range of Bubble Wrap Retail packs. These single packs of premium bubble wrap are suited to consumers and retailers as well as traditional business customers.

Long term protection with VCI and Kraft Union Paper

Kite has also released its latest protective additions in its extensive product range, both of which are designed to assist in the long term protection of goods in transit and storage.

Kite’s VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) paper ensures ferrous metals can stay clean and rust free without leaving a greasy of waxy residue. Its advanced design eliminates the need for any cleaning of protected products before use and it significantly slows the process of corrosion.

VCI paper is commonly used for the protection of metal parts in engineering, engines, drills and large iron items such as gates and railings. The recyclable properties of the paper means it can be treated as normal paper waste and Kite recommend businesses re-wrap the contents after two years to maximise the period of protection.

Kite has also brought to market a range of Kraft Union paper rolls. This medium to heavy duty paper is the ideal protective agent for heavy components such as engineering or metal spare parts. It is also a very popular choice for lining wooden export cases and crates.

The primary use for Kraft Paper Union is driven by its moisture resistant nature that can help to keep water out as the laminated Kraft paper and bitumen composition. 

Both products form effective protection for a variety of metal and wooden components and will prove particularly useful in the industrial ‘business to business’ world of today.

New wicketed mailing bag dispensers

These innovative solutions offer a unique approach to the traditional packing process where employees can improve time management and organisation by avoiding a disarrayed work space. The dispensers are ideal for a range of businesses sending products out in transit and have been specifically designed to conform to the busy bagging and dispatch areas due to their effective and speedy dispensing feature.

Kite has a reputation in the market for always looking to evolve packaging in a way that redefines packing operations and accommodates the modern working environment. These latest additions to Kite’s comprehensive product range are sure to give business owners food for thought due to their advantageous features. Each dispenser has adjustable wickets that allow for quick and easy loading whilst also optimising space where mailing bags can be stored.

There are two sizes available in this new range - the Small Dispenser which is ideal for lighter duty products and the Large Dispenser which has an adjustable tray for larger items. The real cutting-edge dynamic of the adjustable tray is the fact that it can withstand the weight of heavier products, therefore eliminating the risk of damaging goods.

Kite has also released its exclusive Wicketed Mailing Bags, these in addition to the dispensers will create the ultimate, efficient working environment.  The bags are comprised of 45 micron polythene and are perfect for all pick and pack operations. Thanks to their easy open tear slip, teams can now pack products with ease and the two peel and seal strips allow the bags to be reused in the future.

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