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Product focus: Kigis safety technology

Product focus: Kigis safety technology

KIGIS is a safety solution brand by Kyungwoo Systech Inc. for worker and property. KIGIS offers technology that helps reduce cost from safety incident and maximizes work efficiency.

Since KIGIS is launched in 2017, South Korea, over 10,000 products have been sold all around the world. The dedicated KIGIS team has derived innovative and advanced solutions to protect as all valuable lives and assets as possible. KIGIS provides various safety solutions to customers with guaranteed performance, scalability, usability and cost effectiveness.

In everyday workplace, heavy equipment such as forklift and excavator are indispensable. Everyone wants to work in a safe environment expecting no accident, but in fact everyone is at risk.

According to United States Department of Labor, 5,120 fatal work injures were recorded in 2017. Among those fatal work injuries, 54% was mainly due to transportation and contact with objects/equipment.

Safety is the first and foremost factor in every industry and our major goal is to provide more sustainable and safer workplace.

People protection solution for all workers

KIGIS is a smart safety solution as a preliminary measure for accident prevention. Thanks to bilateral alarm type, both pedestrians and drivers can be aware of hazardous situation via audible and visual alert. The implementation of KIGIS solutions helps avoid interruption of work due to unexpected casualties.

Safety-assisting system in various industries

One of the main features of our solution is that functions can be variously configurable depending on field type (Warehouse, Mining, Port, Factory, Plant). Multiple devices can be attached to a huge machinery in order to maximize the safety area. Besides, each item’s options are manually configurable so that users can experience different functionalities depending on purpose.

High usability of individual device

No registration and no calibration are needed. Simple design offers easy installation and detachment to users. Moreover, no additional software fee is required when updating the device. Enhanced usability helps workplace managers adapt essential tools to protect valuable properties with minimum operational cost.

KIGIS Solutions include:

• IPAS – Intelligent Proximity Alert System

IPAS is designed to reduce the risk of collision between pedestrians and moving vehicles in your workplace. IPAS uses UWB technology to precisely measure the distance among tags and provides a highly reliable collision warning. This system is designed not only for anti-collision between vehicle and people but also for vulnerable area (e.g. intersection, corner) to safety accidents.

• IVEW – Industrial Camera View System

IVIEW provides a view around the vehicle in order to help avoiding collisions against objects in blind area.

• USENS – Ultrasonic Proximity Detection System

USENS provides audible and visual alarm by detecting obstacles around the vehicle.

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