Product focus: Efficient warehouse management

November 14, 2019 by Kirsty Adams
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Product focus: Efficient warehouse management

Flipkart is the largest e-commerce company in India. Founded in 2007, it is headquartered in Bangalore and specialized in the sale of books, electronics, home appliances, apparel, household items, etc.

With the continuous development of the business, the turnover of goods continues to increase, and back-end processes like supply and distribution become more complex. To further improve management and enhance efficiency, Flipkart decided to adopt Chainway high-performance C4050 handheld computer for intelligent warehouse management.

The solution applies barcode identification technology to several aspects of goods management in warehouse, such as input and output of the warehouse, cycle counting. With Chainway handheld computer integrated with 1D/2D barcode scanning technology, workers scan the barcodes of goods to automatically identify the cargo information and make records as well, so as to realize accurate and fast cargo management, reduce errors caused by human factors. It significantly improves working efficiency, reduces operational costs, and ensures efficient operation of the entire logistics distribution.

Thanks to the deployment of the handheld computer, key information such as time and executant of commodity management operations in the warehouse can also be recorded and transmitted to the information management platform through wireless network. As a result, the administrator can efficiently obtain and manage information in real time.

In addition, managers of the headquarters can get access to the warehouse data of major suppliers and distributors like input and output of the warehouse through the back-end system.

Based on actual needs, managers can make real-time adjustment of the distribution centers like changing types and quantities of goods to maximize the allocation of goods at each site, which improves operational efficiency and boosts overall brand service quality.


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